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Kim is a gem in the fitness industry. Her genuine interest in health and wellness is reflected both personally and in the work that she does. Her unique educational background and experience has prepared her to assist you in becoming strong and stable, flexible and mobile. Her sessions are fun, interesting, challenging and convenient—offered to you in your home or a nearby park—what could be better? I am confident that each time I refer a patient of mine to Kim, they are receiving the highest quality care in the world of personal training today.

Andrew Harnett, PT, DPT, MSPT

"My first experience with a personal trainer was with Kim. I had no idea how wonderful it was to have someone take such personal attention to your mind and body. Whether I am up for a full on workout or having a difficult day with various musculoskeletal issues, Kim is always tuned in to what is best for me on those days. Kim is aware of the body and can tailor a session to your needs. My core always gets a work out and my body is stronger for it. I was always an athlete, so it's nice to allow someone else to see what is best for you and your body."

Sue Guinn, MS, LAc

Kim Albano is an incredible teacher. I’ve taken her boot camp classes and I’ve  trained with her privately. I learn so much from her every time. She’s guided me through recovery from surgery and taught me how to get strong and fit and understand my own body so that I move through exercise more confidently every day. She has a serious depth of knowledge and knows when and how to push you to challenge yourself and improve yourself. And here’s the thing - she makes it so much fun! "

Lizzie Gottlieb documentary filmmaker

"Kim works holistically, intelligently, resourcefully, knowledgeably, with great empathy, imagination, and skill. She has no "automatic pilot" setting, always observing for changes and ways to improve the life, spirt, soul and physique of her clients...”

Janis Bear

“Kim Albano simply loves inspiring people to be healthy. Specializing in posture and core strengthening, she taught me how to breathe and re-introduced me to my neglected spine."

Colson Whitehead, Novelist

“I have been fortunate to work with Kim for the past 6 years. Kim was always there, adjusting our work outs perfectly, taking into account what I needed. Our work outs are always varied and challenging; Kim uses a unique combination of Pilates, yoga and strength training to provide a very well rounded work out...”

Colleen Bailey

Kim's classes are wonderful. No matter what has happened on a given morning, I always leave feeling light years better than when I got there. I'm a mom of two and while taking Kim's group class, I also started and completed a couch to 5k program. I'm convinced that her teaching during the last few months helped me get stronger, stay limber and remain injury-free. The hour flies by as she manages to somehow fit in strengthening (including core work), cardio intervals and deep stretching, and she's really good at explaining each exercise clearly and specifically (this is so important for me). Kim is also super-observant when it comes to form, and the small class size is key for this. She knows when to encourage you to keep going so you reap the full benefits from an exercise but will also modify things on the fly if she sees that you need it. Thanks to her yoga background, each class has an element of mindfulness and she gives awesome assists during stretches. Kim herself is smart, warm and funny and draws a lovely group of women to her sessions. I trekked 25 minutes each way through a blizzard to come to class one day -- it's that good!

 Lexi Dwyer

Writer + Editor

“ I decided to reach out to Kim in an attempt to reinvest in my own health and well being, shortly after a year had passed since giving birth to my daughter. As a single mom, I had devoted very little attention to self-care and was in constant physical pain and discomfort. I wasn’t sure what private sessions with Kim would be like but had a sense that I would use them to jump-start a routine of my own. Well, a year-and-a-half since I started seeing Kim, I still look forward to our regular sessions; they truly are an invaluable part of my life. I can walk into a session with a million pieces of life baggage and to-do list items racing between my ears, hunched from a heavy messenger bag, and will inevitably leave feeling tall, centered, and blissful. Kim is truly a holistic instructor; she intuitively guides my mind, body, and spirit to a place of strength and resilience. She is constantly interpreting my physical presence during our time together. She notices imbalances, tension, or “stuck” areas, and designs fluid routines as we go, based on these observations, incorporating meditative breath, strength, and alignment. Kim also quietly teaches as she goes, highlighting connection within each movement. She is right there with you, and fully present. She has tremendous knowledge of the body, from nutrition to recovery, to mindfulness. Kim has, in every sense, taught me how to breathe again!"

Nikki Sanditen 
Special Educator

" I have trained with Kim since 1999.  I am 75 years “young” in body and soul with Kim in my  life. Our sessions (we meet twice a week) are never dull and boring. We do a varied yoga practice and weight training.  Kim is always changing up the routine and introducing me to new challenges. I really look forward to our sessions. She is always studying/learning the latest information on physical, emotional and nutritional wellbeing. She loves what she does and it shows. She has taught me  many ways to take care of myself both physically and spiritually, for which I am very grateful. We have become good friends."

Beverly Sonnenborn
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