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Health Coaching

My integrative approach to health coaching takes into account both diet and lifestyle. In private one on-one sessions we’ll unpack your personal health and wellness challenges and clarify how they intersect and affect you holistically. I will help you to develop flexible, manageable, enjoyable strategies.


We move with purpose to create a joyful, healthy, life. We eat with intent to nourish, build, and sustain our most vibrant foundation.  Whatever your goals, it is my happy calling to guide and support your personal nutritional odyssey.  I will help you make sustainable changes to feel better in your skin and find your joyful health. 


Coaching Packages

Cultivating lasting change 

12 week private food coaching—$975 


Twelve 45-minute coaching sessions over three months customized to your individual needs— six in person and six via phone/video


Sustainable and simple recommendations to take home 


Simple & healthy meal, snack, and recipe suggestions


Email/text support between sessions



6 week private food coaching — $575


Six 45-minute coaching sessions over six weeks — three in person and three via phone or FaceTime


Sustainable and simple recommendations to take home and work on in between sessions


Simple healthy meal, snacks, and recipe suggestions and substitutions


Email/text support — for anything that comes up between sessions


3 sessions $275


Three 45-minute coaching sessions over three weeks — two in person and one via phone or Face Time


The ideal check-in to see what’s working and what needs tweaking to bring your habits back into healthy alignment.

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