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My Approach

In private and class sessions I seek gratifying experiences and lasting outcomes for each client. My multi-faceted approach to fitness offers a transformational yet sustainable practice.


I believe –



You deserve to move through your day and life feeling strong, grounded and wonderful.

Bringing mind-body awareness into your consciousness can be profoundly gratifying every day. 


Your fitness time can be deeply enjoyed, richly experienced, and meditative.


Your wellness can be an exhilarating, personal, life-long journey. 



Private Sessions In Person or on-line

Kim private training session.jpeg

Your workouts are bespoke. Together we cultivate your optimal physical and health potential—inside and out—engaging in the exciting process of your self-transformation. We will locate where you are in your fitness and wellness journey and begin to define your health-style dreams.


You will be guided in a flow of slow, stabilizing strength poses as well as rigorous movements specifically geared for your needs, intentions, and well being. I will assist you in learning to reduce pain and injury and encourage elevated levels of function. You will challenge yourself safely and have a great time doing it. My goal is your personal success.


Semi-private classes In Person or on-line


2 - 6 students

I guide small groups in the dynamic and joyful practice of Fusio™— flowing sequences which vary in form and intensity, incorporating yoga, resistance training, core work, and mindful breathing.


Zoom classes and workshops

Class is 50 minutes and meets on Tuesday's at 9:30 AM EST. 

Space is limited. 

Let me know if you want to reserve for one or both slots in advance. After reserved spots are filled it will be first come first serve. 


Zoom links will be automatically sent if you have reserved spots.

Cancellations requested 24hrs in advance. Does not apply in emergency situations: health, children etc..


**Fusio sessions are dynamic mat and standing based yogic combinations of mindful strength, stability and mobility to keep us strong, grounded and in touch with our vital life force**


Class fees: 50 minute classes are $30 a class, $100 for 4 class pack.

(*packs expire after 2 months) Venmo at:

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