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I’m Kim Albano, comprehensive health practitioner and educator. I’m the Brooklyn based creator of the joyful Fusio™ practice. Fusio (pronounced few-zee-o) is an empowering, grounding mind-body combination of conscious, functional, and strength-focused movement. I work with incredible, vital women and men at various stages of life, adjusting my specialized practice to meet individual needs. My private and group clients receive finely personalized, balanced and efficient mindful workouts developed over my many years as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, post-rehabilitation expert and health coach.

My own life journey underscores every aspect of what I bring to my work. I’m a child of health and fitness folk. On Mom’s side natural food and nutrition were a family religion and Dad is a grade school PE teacher, football and wrestling coach, and nationally ranked baseball umpire. In our family we moved a lot and ate well.

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Early in my career, I suffered a traumatic back injury. Post surgery, I began to explore alignment & mindfulness-based modalities. Attention to my inner being led to many revelations and discoveries about the mind-body connection. I was able to rehabilitate myself and, as a young trainer, began to work with clients from that budding holistic perspective. 

20 years later—now an experienced practitioner as well as a devoted mother to a growing daughter—my conviction is that as we age we have the incredible potential to become stronger and closer to our beautiful authentic selves! 

My life’s work is teaching people to reach for singular heights of physical and overall wellness. I’ve spent years studying, practicing, constructing, and integrating a variety of fitness & yoga methods. The amazing human beings I train and teach all guide the joyful, deeply received fitness innovations for which I’ve become known. This is Fusio™.

American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer  (ACE)


Health coach (ACE)


Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI)


Integrated stretching (EFTI)


Pre/Post Natal Personal training (EFTI)


Medical Exercise Specialist (AAHFRP)


Yoga Union 200-hour teacher training with Alison West (Yoga Alliance)


Reebok Spinning (Reebok University)


CPR/AED – Adult, Child and Infant

Extensive Study

Yoga: Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar


Stretching techniques


Alexander technique


Anatomy with Irene Dowd


Post-rehabilitation of the shoulder girdle, spine and pelvis




Integrated Nutrition 


BA - Art & Photography (SFSU)


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